2016-2017 Victoires de la Beauté – Gwo Chyang wins double award again

Gwo Chyang Biotech Co. wins double award for the second time.

When you think of the capital of romantic modern fashion, the first place that comes to mind is Paris, France.

The French are famous for their demanding attention to detail. The country’s cultivated fashion tastes has established France’s leading position in global fashion trends and made the French beauty industry into a global superpower. France is currently the world’s largest exporter and consumer of cosmetics, exporting approximately 57% of the cosmetics it produces, with the remaining 43% supplying domestic demand. This fashion trend drives Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Guerlain, L’oreal Paris, and other globally-renowned French brands alongside the emergence of other world-famous brands such as America’s Estee Lauder and England’s Unilever, making France the dazzling focal point of the global fashion industry.


Gwo Chyang Biotech wins double award this year. 

In July 2016, Paris, France reported the results of the “ Victoires de la Beauté” awards. Gwo Chyang took first prize for face masks – the company’s specialty product.  Gwo Chyang’s UNITOUCH cherry blossom eye-care set also stood out in the “eye cream and essence” category, of which the French are most intensely proud, winning the acclaim of demanding French judges and the second Victoires de la Beauté golden seal.


The Victoires de la Beauté awards were created by by Monadia – France’s first, largest, most professional, and most credible cosmetics quality inspection organization, with over ten years of professional cosmetics evaluation. Every product is inspected in a specialized laboratory and undergoes testing and review by testers of varying skin types and ages. The rigorous competition process features a blind testing evaluation – it’s a fair cosmetic competition with no interference from brand myths, packaging, or media hype, focusing completely on professional judges’ and testers’ reviews of the product itself. In 2016, Gwo Chyang Biotech decided to choose the most difficult task: to compete in Victoires de la Beauté’s most mature and established “eye cream and essence” category. By entering its proprietary additive- and preservative-free Unitouch Cherry Blossom Extract Eye-Care Set (eye cream, eye essence, organic bio-cellulose eye mask) in the competition, Gwo Chyang Biotech demonstrated its determination to enter the international market.

Eye care amazes Paris

Toppling the impressions of French judges, Unitouch Cherry Blossom Extract Eye Care Set comprises three products (eye cream, eye essence, bio-cellulose eye mask), offering the ultimate in eye care. First, the silky-textured Cherry Blossom Extract Eye Essence offers the best possible moisturizing power for dry skin; next is the Cherry Blossom Extract Eye Massage Cream, equipped with a zinc alloy applicator tip that replaces the uneven pressure of your fingertip and reduces pulling on the skin around the eyes. Combined with the once-per-week Cherry Blossom Extract Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask intensive care, the set provides ample nourishment to the delicate skin around the eyes. The three-part additive-free, preservative-free Unitouch Cherry Blossom Extract Eye Care Set earned high praise, amazing Paris with a rating over 84%. At the same time, Vandies, Kingirs and Unitouch high-end face mask sets utilize three different types of additive-and preservative-free materials, making the sheet mask into an important part of everyday skin-care routines. Its simplicity, efficiency, convenience, and noticeable effect on the skin attracted many French judges who had always used mud masks.




Cherry Blossom Extract Eye Essence

● Especially designed for the eye contour that is 40% thinner than our facial skin.

● Enhances absorption of the follow-up skincare and keep the perfect makeup.



Cherry Blossom Extract Massage Eye Cream

● The massage cream is rich in essential oil and used after the serum and the eye-mask, it allows to lock-in the hydration.

● The Zinc head replaces your finger to give a more efficient massage for your eyes.


Cherry Blossom Extract Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask

● Especially designed preservatives-free bio-cellulose eye mask for the eye contour that is 40% thinner than our facial skin.

● Perfectly fitting the eye contour to increase absorption of the essences


Blind testing is based completely on the subject itself. Drawing on its decades of experience and expertise, Gwo Chyang Biotech allows the product to speak for itself, pursuing the most rigorous paths with unflinching persistence.

Walking forward, we never stop.



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